Our mission is to offer the best in native woods from southern Chile to the world; considering social, development and customer service values ​​in that process; delivering inspiration and innovation for home or office. In this context, the magic that converges in the creation of BLACK RAVEN Wood Company LLC is born.

The privilege of having native forests south of the world; whose raw material is of unparalleled nobility and quality, it gives us the possibility to show to diverse latitudes wonderful native species, possessing great beauty and excellent properties, which can be reflected in your home with all its benefits. Mañio, Hazelnut, Tepa, Laurel, Lenga, Rauli, Ulmo and Lingue; It is the wood that emerges leafy between the ninth region of Araucanía and the tenth second region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic, which will provide that warmth of home dreamed up by his family.

The recognized prestige of our Native Woods is based on its commitment to the care of our ecological heritage. Therefore, we only work with suppliers that have a forest management and management plan authorized by CONAF; guaranteeing the use of sustainable wood that does not destroy our forests.

We deliver permanent technical advice for all our clients; guiding them in the different types of wood and purchase options, according to their needs, inspiration and interests; In addition to treating them, to achieve the longest possible duration, for the enjoyment of several family generations.

Currently, our unique and exotic native woods are present in various real estate projects (hotels, museums, art galleries, houses and departments), with the confidence of renowned architects and landscape designers at all times.

We invite you to travel through magical forests, to be impregnated with the beauty, quality and excellence of the native wood of our country, whose forests are among the most beautiful on the planet; absolute guarantee to bring home the best for your family.